Portable and Static Diesel Storage and Dispensing Solutions

Kingspan Fuel Storage and Dispensing Tanks Deliver Major Benefits for International Agri Co-Operative

The Project

The Challenge

A distributor was looking for a safe means to transport and store/dispense fuel on-site for its farming shareholders.The distributor, an agri co-operative, runs a fuel business which operates various retail sites and a network of refilling stations on behalf of members.The transportation of fuel and its safe storage are a core focus for the cooperative, and integral to its business
model going forward.

TruckMaster portable fuel tanks and FuelMaster static tanks
As the region has a somewhat poor road infrastructure, fuel delivery can be quite expensive for the customer so the organisation incentivises members to refuel from the co-operative’s depot using portable tanks to get a lower fuel price/litre.

It also contracts fuel services to farmers, providing them with tanks, which it fills, for them to sell-on. The tanks used to store the fuel are given away free of charge on condition that the
farmer then only buys fuel from this cooperative, on a 2-3 year contract.

Previously, it had supplied members with elevated steel tanks – although they tended to rust and were therefore expensive to maintain. More recently, it was forced to find an alternative solution after several tanks were knocked over by strong winds, spilling the fuel and causing obvious health and safety issues.
The Solution

The Solution Kingspan engineers were invited in to meet with the distributor team to scope out the issues and explore possible answers. In the end, Kingspan managed not just to solve the immediate issues, they helped the distributor re-invent its business model, helping to drive customer incentives and promote its fuelling services.

For the contracted services, where farmers are given a static tank to store and sell-on the distributor’s fuel, the recommendation was to offer them Kingspan FuelMasters. These tough, self-bunded, compact
tanks are the ultimate in “go-anywhere fuel distribution”, including farms with narrow access points. They are made of plastic so they are easy to maintain, and they are very secure with lockable lids.
Each is equipped with Kingspan’s industry-leading tank management, dispensing and monitoring systems, giving full visibility over stock levels and allowing replenishments to be scheduled
in good time.

The new storage solutions, and the services they support, are seen as having boosted membership benefits, supporting the organisation’s USP and its value proposition to its stakeholder base.
The company has had Kingspan’s full technical and after-sales customer support, including fast delivery, installation guidance and consultancy, backed by a trustworthy guarantee. All Kingspan fuel storage tanks are manufactured to the highest standards and are fully compliant with the strict
regulatory requirements associated with on-site storage. Kingspan is now a strategic partner
for the organisation in the region and TruckMaster and FuelMaster tanks are sold within its stores.

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