Technical Support

Our technical services team is here to assist you with advice and support on your next controlled environments project.

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Technical Services

Kingspan's technical services team can provide comprehensive advisory services to assist specifiers, architects and installation contractors with high performance building design and installation assistance.

  • Insulated panel details and material specifications
  • Product support requirements
  • Information on thermal barrier, air infiltration and water penetration performance
  • Building code and thermal requirements compliance
  • Wind/snow load calculations
  • Review of construction details
  • Current LEED information
  • Project submitall packages
  • Testing and approval requirements
  • Production certification and listing

Design Assist Services

The support of upfront thermal analysis through Kingspan's design assist services will provide design teams important performance scenarios to assist in making more informed upfront project decisions.

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Drafting Services

Kingspan drafting services, with the use of client supplied Structural information and building performance requirements, can create project specific floor plan, elevations, sections, and details as necessary. After final approval, a complete material list (for all components to be supplied by Kingspan) is then generated from the approved Kingspan drawings and presented to the production department for fabrication.