Urban Stead Cheese

The Project

Urban Stead is part of the growing trend of urban creameries that produce artisanal cheeses in metropolitan areas. Urban Stead not only makes cheese, but has a tasting room and serves wine and beer. They say their high-quality cheese gives them a lot of “street ched.”

Urban Stead was designed primarily as a food manufacturing facility by Sanitary Design Industries, a company that provides state-of-the-art sanitary air management and building systems for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural production facilities.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
KS Shadowline
For me, the insulated metal panel is a building material. I get a wall and a ceiling that is monolithic; there’s nowhere in there that anything can hide.

Neville McNaughton, President of Sanitary Design Industries

Focus on the building envelope

In designing Urban Stead, Sanitary Design Industries’ primary focus was the building envelope. Company president Neville McNaughton opted for KS Shadowline insulated metal panels from Kingspan for the walls and ceiling throughout the facility. All the KS Shadowline panels at Urban Stead are finished in stainless steel; the smooth finish is easier to keep clean than panels with an embossed finish.


High R-value

The IMPs were chosen primarily because of their benefit to the building envelope, but there’s an added bonus – the R-value they provide. They have a much higher R-value than necessary at Urban Stead, which prevents any thermal issues between rooms that operate at vastly different temperatures – the production room is kept around 75 degrees, the aging rooms are 50-60 degrees and the cooler operates at 36 degrees. In the floors, the building is designed with thermal breaks beneath the walls so there is no carryover from the slab.

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Case study PDF of Urban Stead Cheese in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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