Northeast Kingdom Human Services

The Project

Northeast Kingdom Human Services (NKHS) provides mental health, substance abuse, and developmental services around the clock to residents of the NEK through contracts with
the State of Vermont. To better serve its clients in the wide geography of this region, and bring all its services under one roof, it was decided that a new facility was necessary.

At 26,000 square feet, this office building was constructed to be almost three times larger than the agency’s previous 10,000 square foot facility. Kingspan products were used on this new building and were able to show benefits on cost and energy efficiency, as well as continuity from foundation to roof.

Derby, Vermont, USA
Designwall 2000

I would say cost, aesthetics, and energy efficiency are three main benefits of specifying Kingspan products.

Josh Montague - Project Manager, Construx, Inc.


Continuity from Foundation to Roof

The planned design included an airtight building envelope to increase thermal performance – to reduce the size of the mechanical system needed. According to Roy Ward, the continuity between the KarrierPanel and Designwall was the biggest benefit of specifying Kingspan products.


Achieving Even Greater Efficiency, Under One Roof

The new facility, with an estimated construction cost of about $6-million, now allows for all the NKHS services to be located under one roof. Greater efficiency was achieved, saving time and resources.

Products used on this project


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Case study PDF of Northeast Kingdom Human Services in Derby, Vermont USA

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