Maryland Heights Community Center

The Project

The Maryland Heights Community Center is a community cornerstone that serves as much more than a simple civic meeting space – it is a social hub that has enriched the community.

The City of Maryland Heights, Missouri started the process of building the new community center by renovating the land of an old community church.  The end result was a technologically advanced multi-purpose community center that was designed to meet the diverse recreational, fitness and lifestyle needs of Maryland Heights residents.

Completion Date:
Maryland Heights, Missouri
Insulated Metal Panels:
Designwall 4000
Kingspan supplied the community center with insulated metal panels throughout the building, as well as translucent architectural panels in the areas where natural light was needed.

The design of the building was engineered to transfer light throughout the entire building, showering the aquatic center, track, double-court gym and weight room with natural light.

Simultaneously the center, located between a main highway and shopping center, needed to block unsightly local views and noise as well as reducing the sun’s glare and heat for its athletes and visitors.

IMPs Provide Maximum Benefit

The architect, CannonDesign, used Kingspan’s BENCHMARK Designwall 4000 insulated metal panels to meet the energy-efficiency requirements of the building, while also providing a professional, aesthetic look that matched the ethos of the community center.

Designwall 4000 Architectural Wall Panels

BENCHMARK Designwall 4000 panels are one of Kingspan’s most popular architectural wall panels, and work extremely well in large-scale buildings like gyms and community centers. With horizontal and vertical application capability, the Designwall 4000 joint provides maximum thermal efficiency while creating a double barrier against air and water penetration.
Kingspan’s UniQuad translucent panels were also instrumental in achieving the design that CannonDesign envisioned. The UniQuad panels were used in the areas that demanded natural lighting, which was primarily the gym, weight room, and swimming areas. The resulting system provides a fantastic diffused light that strategically limits views to the outdoors and focuses attention on the activity within the center. The system was also beneficial for the project due to its ability to meet the curved and tapered wall design of the building, while boasting an impressive 10 foot span in the process. 

The community center’s innovation solution has earned a number of awards: 

* 2018, Healthcare Environment Award - Contract Magazine Healthcare Environment Awards

* 2018, Facility of Merit - Athletic Business Architectural Showcase

* 2018, Honorable Mention Award - Illuminating Engineering Society, Boston

* 2017, Honor Award - American Institute of Architects, St. Louis

* 2016, Unbuilt Merit Award - American Institute of Architects, St. Louis

Products used on this project

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