Explore & More Children's Museum

The Project

Explore & More Children’s Museum captures the design of an old canal terminal using brand-new insulated metal panels.


  • Explore & More Children’s Museum grew from 500-square-feet in 1994 to a brand-new, 43,000-square-foot space in 2019
  • The children’s museum serves as the anchor for Buffalo’s Canalside neighborhood
  • KarrierPanel and the Morin Matrix system allowed the museum to meet design recommendations and deliver superior thermal performance

Completion Date:
May 2019
Buffalo, New York
Fontanese Folts Aubrecht Ernst Architects
General Contractor:
LeChase Construction
AJAY Glass
Insulated Metal Panels:
KarrierPanel, Morin Matrix 1.0
Sq. Ft.:


Explore & More Children’s Museum aimed big with plans for its new 43,000-square-foot museum. The museum had been in operation since 1994 and had already moved once because of space constraints. In order to fully serve Western New York children with exhibits for all ages, the museum needed to expand.
However, Buffalo is one of the snowiest cities in the United States – limiting the construction season each year. Temperatures regularly drop below freezing in the winter months and building envelopes must be sealed before the harshest of conditions blow in from Lake Erie. Winter weather conditions further increase the need for advanced thermal performance for buildings in the area.


Fontanese Folts Aubrecht Ernest Architects chose Kingspan’s KarrierPanel system and the Morin Matrix Series for easy installation and to achieve the desired look of the building. KarrierPanel allowed for swift construction by eliminating the need for multiple trades.
The high thermal performance of KarrierPanel allows the museum to keep guests warm in the winter without breaking the bank on heating costs.


Design recommendations for the Canalside mixed-use development, where the museum is located, call for brick and wood in order to mimic the historic terminus of the Erie Canal. Explore & More Children’s Museum serves as the anchor for the 20-acre, modern neighborhood.
Kingspan’s BENCHMARK Thin Brick Façade System provided a distinct advantage for the design of Explore & More. The system is lightweight and easier to install than traditional brick. Rather than blending into the area with an entirely brick building, the architects used the Morin Matrix 1.0 single-skin wall panels to create a rainscreen with a textured, industrialized design. The two systems seamlessly work together to create a modern look, welcoming generations of children to visit.
"It's huge for our city, and even more so, because our museum is for and about Buffalo and Western New York.”
- Amelia Blake
Manager of Learning and Education for Explore & More Children’s Museum

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