AQUAPLATE Round Fire Tanks

Fire-fighting Packages

Australian summers can be intense and unpredictable - no one can tell you how hot and dry it might get. Kingspan water tanks are fire resistant, keeping your emergency water safe.

Including our fire-fighting package with your water tank will ensure you have access to your water when the going gets tough and help meet bushfire requirements in your local council.

You can easily add a fire-fighting package to your AQUAPLATE tank and be fire ready today.

Available for NSW, QLD and VIC.
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Having a tank for static emergency water storage may be a requirement if you are building in a bushfire zone according to BAL ratings 12.5; 19; 29; and 40.

Speak to your council for further information. Kingspan offer tanks up to 29,000L in capacity which are made with AQUAPLATE® steel.

Common capacities for fire tanks include 5000L, 10,000L and 20,000L. Two typical set ups are featured below:


Fire Fitting Kit Inclusions

1 x Storz kit (50mm outlet, 50mm ball valve, 65mm Storz adapter, 65mm dust cap) 1 x CFA kit (65mm outlet, 65mm ball valve, 64mm CFA adapter, 64mm dust cap) 1 x Camlock kit (50mm outlet, 50mm ball valve,50mm Camlock adapter, 50mm dust cap)
6m suction line 6m suction line 6m suction line
36m pressure hose with spray nozzle 36m pressure hose with spray nozzle 36m pressure hose with spray nozzle

AQUAPLATE Water Tank Range

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