Rural Water Tank Roof Replacement

Kingspan Rhino Tank Roof Replacement

Suitable For Both Steel and Concrete Tanks

If the roof of your steel or concrete rural water tank is damaged or in need of a replacement, our friendly Rural Service team can assist you with getting a new one installed!

Our tank roof is made using the same high quality BlueScope steel as our rural water tank to ensure longevity and long term durability.
  • We manufacture and install our own custom-made hot-dipped galvanised roof trusses 
  • We only use Australian made BlueScope steel
  • We can add vermin proofing to your newly installed roof (steel tanks only)


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Please note that our installers do not re-plumb any existing pipework.
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

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