Slimline Water Tank

Slimline Water Tanks remains the most popular choice among home owners. The rounded ends of a Slimline Water Tank creates a sleek, modern look, elevating the aesthetics of water storage to compliment most Australian homes.

Popular Slimline Water Tank Sizes

Round Water Tank

Favored for roof top placement and suitable for homes with a larger space, the traditional, corrugated round water tank remains a popular choice and offers the largest water storage volume available for any shape. 

Popular Round Water Tank Sizes

Modline Water Tank

Modline Water Tanks come with flat ends, giving them a modern look and smaller footprint of a Slimline equivalent. Available in capacities from 770 litres up to 9,000 litres and a huge range of Colorbond®colours.

Popular Modline Water Tank Sizes

Square Water Tank

A Square tank can help maximise the water storage in a tight space, saving on the width or length of the tank . Internal stainless steel cross bracing is engineered into the tank for maximum durability and strength.

Popular Square Water Tank Sizes

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