Kingspan Smart Tanks for Smart Cities

Kingspan Smart Tanks for Smart Cities

Innovative water tank sensor technology for effective and efficient water management for councils

The Kingspan Smart Tank is a complete solution to all your rain harvesting needs featuring Kingspan’s sensor technology. Innovative smart remote monitoring allows councils to view tank details and their water levels from anywhere over the web and mobile phone.

One of the keys to being able to use rainwater most effectively is knowing how much is in the tank, and when, where and how much is being used also if it is functioning correctly. Kingspan Smart Tank tracks:

· Rain event inflows

· Rainwater usage

· Storage volumes

· Functionality maintenance data and service logs

With Smart Tank, councils can determine how much water comes in and goes out, the amount of water the tank saves during a rainfall event and how much stormwater is prevented from entering the drainage system within their LGA. Councils can now understand the data and access reporting to help meet their smart cities sustainability goals.

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Smart Tanks for Smart Cities

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Figure 1a: Kingspan Smart Tank Dashboard.1
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1 Dashboard shown here is subject to change. For illustrative purposes only.