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Water Reserve For Unexpected Fire

Kingspan Rhino has installed thousands of water tanks over many years in some of the driest, most fire prone regions of Australia and around the world. During this time we have found one of the main reasons for asset and property loss in a fire is due to an inadequate water supply and the failure of the pumping system.

All Rhino water tanks can be fitted with an outlet and coupling suited to state and local regulations. A standard Rural Tank will have the domestic supply outlet raised to ensure the water reserve for firefighting is maintained in the tank.
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Product Information

Fire Setups
Fire Tank Fittings
Installation & Delivery
Standard Tank with non-compulsory Fire Coupling
For those customers who choose to have a back-up 50mm outlet with state-specific fire coupling for emergency fire-fighting.  Tank can be installed on Sand/Crusher Dust pad.
Standard Tank with compulsory Fire Coupling
For customers who MUST have an allocated volume in reserve for fire-fighting so the domestic supply is positioned above this reserve (e.g. 10kl or 20kl reserve).  Tank can be installed on Sand/Crusher Dust pad.
VICTORIA ONLY – To meet Bushfire Management Overlay Regulations
For Victorian customers who MUST have an allocated volume in reserve for fire-fighting with a steel outlets and 64mm bore suction and a CFA TTPI Coupling.  The domestic supply is positioned above this reserve.  Tank can be installed on Sand/Crusher Dust pad.
Dedicated Fire Tank with Fire Brigade Outlet such as a Storz Tree or a Policy 14 Manifold (SA only)
This option is when the sole purpose of the tank is for the brigade to access in case of fire.  No pumps, hydrants or sprinklers connected and no domestic use.  Tank may be installed on Sand/Crusher Dust pad only if the outlet/valve & connection is supported, otherwise a concrete base required.
Build Quality
Kingspan Rhino's Rural fire tanks are made with a corrugated profile for incredible wall strength and durability. Add to this a 250mm overlap at the joints and a 200mm double bolt spacing, and what you have is pure Rhino strength. With the 12mm bolts being hot-dipped galvanized, corrosion won't stand a chance.

In order to ensure complete quality control, once manufactured, our tanks are then installed on site by our team of trained specialists. Tanks are manufactured as a kit and sent to site for installation.

All Kingspan Rhino Rural Tanks come with a 20 Year pro rata conditional warranty.
All Kingspan Rhino Rural Fire Tanks are derived from on our standard Rural Water Tanks. Below is a basic comparison of the differences that makes up a Rural Fire Tank compared to a standard Rural Water Tank. Click here to view Rural Water Tanks.

Quality Inclusions for Your Water Tank

Kingspan Rhino water tanks are generously fitted with all the core features you'd expect in a water tank and can be customised further to suit your individual requirements.
Rhino Water Tank Core Inclusions

Features List

Included Features Optional Add-Ons
INFINITY Tank Liner Dust and vermin proofing seal
50mm scour drain Water level gauge
Steel corrugated wall and roof sheets Additional outlets and valves (50mm/80mm/100mm)
Lockable access hatch Additional inlets (50mm/80mm/100mm)
Tank inlet (leaf filter basket or 50mm inlet)              Fire fighting coupling (to meet state / territory regulations)
Removable internal/external ladder  
1 x 50mm outlet and ball valve  
Magnesium anodes for corrosion protection  
100mm bell mouth overflow  
20 year conditional warranty  

Installing Your Water Tank

Our tanks are manufactured as a kit and sent to site for installation by our experienced team. It is the customer's responsibility to prepare a level pad of sand or crusher dust before installation can proceed. The pad needs to be 150mm deep at the specified diameter.
Kingspan Rhino provides detailed pad specifications to all customers to assist them in achieving an excellent quality pad. In some areas Kingspan can recommend contractors who have previously prepared quality pads for our tanks.

In some circumstances, your tank may need to be installed on a concrete ring beam, instead of sand or crusher dust.

Once the tank has been installed the customer is required to place an exclusion zone of a minimum of 20mm blue metal/coarse aggregate (no clay or concrete) around the base of the tank to prevent erosion and deter rodents from digging around the base.
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Kingspan Rhino Rural Water Tanks Brochure

Tank Sizes

Capacities and Sizes

RT-25 3.88m 2.2m 26,062 5,792 5.5m
RT-40 4.86m 2.2m 40,723 9,049 6.5m
RT-60 5.83m 2.2m 58,640 13,031 7.5m
RT-80 6.80m 2.2m 79,816 17,737 8.5m
RT-100 7.77m 2.2m 104,250 23,167 9.5m
RT-130 8.74m 2.2m 131,941 29,320 10.5m
RT-160 9.71m 2.2m 162,890 36,198 11.5m
RT-200 10.68m 2.2m 197,097 43,799 12.5m
RT-230 11.65m 2.2m 234,562 52,125 13.5m
RT-275 12.62m 2.2m 275,284 61,174 14.5m
RT-310 11.65m 2.9m 309,235 68,170 13.5m
RT-365 12.62m 2.9m 362,979 80,639 14.5m

For tanks larger than 365,000 litres, please contact us for specifications.

NOTE: Sizes listed are gross capacities. Effective capacities vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

Fire-Fighting Water Tank Configuration

Below is a quick comparison of the basic components that make up a Rural Fire Tank compared to our standard tanks.

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