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Kingspan Rhino's corrugated commercial water tanks are built tough with Bluescope ZINCALUME® steel and are available in the full range of COLORBOND® colours. Tanks range from 26,000 litres up to 2.3 million litres. All tanks have a reinforced food grade 5-layer polyethylene liner to keep water fresh, making them ideal for all commercial and industrial applications.

Our commercial water tanks are ideal for fire water, potable town water storage, commercial rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention, treated water storage for the industrial, mining and agriculture sectors. Manufactured locally and built to last in harsh Australian conditions.
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Product Information

The Rhino Difference
Colour Range
Installation & Delivery
All corrugated water tanks are manufactured in our Western Australian factory under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001. This benchmarks us against the best in the world and we proudly display the well recognised ‘Five-Ticks’ Standards Mark to show that we continually strive to provide cost effective, quality products and services that meet our customer’s individual needs and expectations.

Because all our corrugated water tanks and their major components, including the Kingspan Rhino INFINITY tank liner, are fabricated in our own factory, we control and ensure the quality of every aspect of the tank, from manufacturing to installation.

All Kingspan Rhino Commercial Tanks come with a 10 Year conditional warranty.

Reinforced Food Grade Kingspan Rhino INFINITY Liner

All Kingspan Rhino tanks come with our tank liners and are made in the Kingspan factory in Western Australia for over 20 years. Our qualified liner fabricators use the latest welding techniques and state of the art machinery to produce liners of the very highest quality.

Kingspan Rhino INFINITY Liner has a state of the art food grade, UV treated, multi layered film called Metallocene, laminated to the existing reinforced polyethylene liner, giving extra layers of strength and durability. The development of this commercial strength liner demonstrates Kingspan’s commitment to innovation and consistently improving our products.
Infinity Liner Layers Breakdown
Colorbond Colours

Installing Your Water Tank

Our commercial tanks are constructed on a concrete foundation. We provide the specification drawings to suit each of our tank models and the customer needs to have the foundation constructed and ready before a tank can be installed.

A typical tank foundation for our commercial tanks is a reinforced concrete ring beam. As the foundation requirements may vary with different site conditions, we will work closely with you to define the best option.
Tank components are transported to the install location in packs and assembled on site in position. As a condition of our commercial tank warranty, all commercial tanks are to be installed by our experienced team who have the relevant training and tickets required for working safely on Mine, Utility or Construction sites.
Our Rhino range of Commercial tanks are fabricated and dispatched from our workshop in Perth. As the Australian distributor for Permastore®, we import Glass-Fused-To-Steel (GFS) tanks from the UK, where the shipping container can be sent directly to site or unloaded at one of our depots for freighting to site.
Plant requirements for commercial tank installations may include EWP, crane or other suitable lifting equipment. Plant hire can either be arranged by Kingspan or supplied by the customer. These requirements are subject to the tank size, fittings and site conditions, however, can be confirmed by Kingspan.
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Kingspan Rhino Commercial Water Tanks Brochure

Tank Sizes

Capacities (litres) and Sizes
Kingspan Rhino commercial water tanks are available in a variety of standard sizes, or can be custom designed to meet specific customer or project requirements. The standard range of commercial tanks is available in 5 height specifications as shown below.

NOTE: Sizes listed are gross capacities. Effective capacities vary depending on freeboard required and the quantity, size and position of nozzles.
Tank Tank Diameter 2.2m High 2.9m High 3.6m High 4.3m High 5m High
RCT-25 3.844m 26,062 34,355 42,631    
RCT-40 4.855m 40,723 53,680 66,639 79,637  
RCT-60 5.826m 58,640 77,299 95,920 114,615 133,291
RCT-80 6.797m 79,816 105,212 130,597 156,004 181,400
RCT-100 7.768m 104,250 137,420 170,525 203,761 236,931
RCT-130 8.739m 131,941 173,922 215,871 257,884 299,866
RCT-160 9.710m 162,890 214,719 266,466 318,376 370,205
RCT-200 10.681m 197,097 259,810 322,461 385,235 447,948
RCT-230 11.652m 234,562 309,195 383,683 458,461 533,095
RCT-275 12.623m 275,284 362,875 450,366 538,055 625,646
RCT-320 13.594m 319,264 420,849 522,433 624,017 725,601
RCT-360 14.565m 366,503 483,117 599,587 716,346 832,960
RCT-420 15.536m 416,998 549,680 682,361 815,042 947,724
RCT-470 16.507m 470,752 620,537 770,124 920,106 1,069,891
RCT-530 17.479m 527,764 695,688 863,613 1,031,538 1,199,463
RCT-590 18.450m 588,033 775,134 962,236 1,149,337 1,336,438
RCT-650 19.421m 651,560 858,875 1,066,189 1,273,504 1,480,818
RCT-720 20.392m 718,345 946,909 1,175,473 1,404,038 1,632,602
RCT-790 21.363m 788,388 1,039,238 1,290,089 1,540,939 1,791,790
RCT-860 22.334m 861,688 1,135,862 1,410,035 1,684,209 1,958,382
RCT-940 23.305m 938,246 1,236,779 1,535,321 1,833,845 2,132,378
RCT-1010 24.276m 1,018,063 1,341,992 1,665,920 1,989,849 2,313,778
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

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