Water Tank Cleaning Services for Councils

Kingspan Water Tank Service

Kingspan offers a range of maintenance clean and services on your rain water harvesting system.

Our services provided to councils:

  • Tank Maintenance
  • Tank Service
  • Tank Audits
  • Tank Monitoring

Our experienced Service Consultants and Technicians have a profound understanding of how the components of rainwater harvesting systems work together and what to do if something goes wrong.

Kingspan can service and maintain all tanks and pumps including below and above ground tanks of any material such as poly or steel tanks.

We can also provide:

  • 3 year tank inspections
  • Audits and condition reports
  • Fire tank checks – AS1851

Depending on the tank condition, our service can include:

· Tank desludge for tanks which has not been serviced for a few years

· Charged line clean

· Check and clean all filters – first flush, inlet strainer, leaf basket, pump filter, odor and sediment filters, and High-flow filter (if applicable).

· A pump functionality check

· Water tank structural inspection, including checking for leaks

· Tank foundation inspection

· Outside tank clean

For tanks that has not been serviced for a few years, we recommend that excess sludge is removed from the bottom of the tank to prevent it from getting into the pump that provides to your clothes washing machine and toilets.

And for tanks that has not been serviced at all for many years, we recommend a sanitise clean to remove all the sludge that has built up.

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Case study: Rainwater Harvesting Asset Assessment for City of Sydney

City of Sydney Tank Assess
  • This project was commissioned by the City of Sydney Council to audit the use and condition of 48 different rainwater harvesting systems around Central and Eastern Sydney.
  • We were asked to highlight existing areas of efficient rainwater harvesting sites along with areas of concern and improvement. This ensures systems are being used effectively to reduce water consumption at each site.
  • At the end of each inspection, Kingspan provided each site with a completed maintenance warranty log.
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Why is Maintaining Water Tank Systems Important?

Marrickville Library Water Tanks
  • Water tanks are assets
  • Water tanks need to be maintained and looked after to ensure efficient use and to get the longest life out of the tank
  • All water tank systems require regular servicing for users to receive full benefits. A small DIY maintenance each quarter and a major service every 3-5 years can help systems last and perform efficiently for a very long time.

Kingspan is highly experienced with the maintenance of steel and poly water tanks.

Kingspan Water & Energy is a market leader and trusted source of advice for rainwater harvesting and water storage including installation and system maintenance.

We are based in NSW, VIC, WA and QLD.

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