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Our highly experienced service team can service most water tanks, not just our own! If you are an owner of a water tank in need of servicing, get in touch with our service team and we'll look after you.

Your water tank is a valuable asset. It is recommended that it be looked after with some simple maintenance tasks. Our experienced service technicians help to ensure that your tank is performing at its best, providing your home with continuous, free and pristine water.

If you have any issues or questions about your water tank, kindly get in touch with us by calling 1300 736 562 or email

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Water Tank Cleaning Packages Now Available

Kingspan now offers a range of maintenance clean and service packages for your rain water harvesting.

Whether your water tank is in need of a regular maintenance service or deep clean, you can choose from our range of packages below to find one that suits your tank.

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Kingspan offers a comprehensive range of water tank services including; tank cleaning, pump repairs, pump replacement, water tank replacement, tank sanitisation, filtration system maintenance and more.

If it’s been longer than two or three years since your water tank system was last cleaned or inspected please get in touch with our service team for further advice.

To find out more about your rainwater harvesting system and to see some basic DIY maintenance, please look at our Knowledge Base page.

As a manufacturer, we highly recommend that each Kingspan water tank is serviced according to the service plan below.
  • Pump pre warranty expiry inspection / test of functionality
  • Tank desludge every 3 years, then a sanitised clean at the 9 year mark
  • Filters - odour / sediment - 12 months
  • All other filters to be cleaned during these inspections
  • Tank structure / base structure - check for leaks
  • Charge line cleaning - 3 years
  • Outside tank clean

Tank Services We Offer

Kingspan offers a range of services, maintenance and accessories to keep your rainwater system running in optimal condition.

Tank Service and Report Water Tank Cleaning Tank/Pump Servicing and Replacement Filtration and Accessories
Tank Service Icon Tank Service Icon Tank Service Icon Tank Service Icon
A complete system inspection to make sure your rainwater system is operating at its optimal efficiency. We offer a written report on every element of your rainwater harvesting system from the condition of your water, your tank and pump to the suitability of your catchment area, filtration, and installation components A 3 step process that includes:
  1. Removing sludge and sediment from the bottom of the tank
  2. Filtering and aerating the remaining water
  3. Applying a potable water approved sanitising agent
Kingspan can trouble shoot, diagnose and recommend a course of action for the repair, or replacement, of your pump. We offer only top quality pumps with industry leading warranties from our pump partners of choice – Grundfos and Davey. Kingspan provides quality maintenance of your tank by
using only the best suppliers of accessories and filtration devices.
Book a Tank Inspection and Report Learn More About Our Tank Cleaning Service Learn More About Our Tank/Pump Repair Service Check Out Our Filtration Products

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Kingspan Water Maintenance Chart

Caring For Your Tank
Water Filtration
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Well-designed systems, like Kingspan Water tanks, are low maintenance. All rainwater systems need to be monitored to ensure the tank’s longevity.

With a regular low-key monitoring and maintenance plan you will generally prevent problems occurring.

Your Kingspan Water tank is made from strong steel and internal polymer coating, and is not susceptible to UV radiation, making it long lasting.

Regular maintenance is simple. We recommend you fully inspect your tank at least every 3 months.

  • Inlet screen should be clean, free of leaves and debris
  • Clean gutters regularly, ensure water does not stagnate in gutters as this causes algae blooms
  • Clean the first flush water diverter regularly
  • Inspect your tank regularly to ensure mosquito screens and light guards are working effectively.

Kingspan Water recommends that a full flush of all the tank water should be completed every 3-5 years.

Algae or smelly water should be always be treated to ensure it is safe for use. We recommend Davey Aquasafe Liquid Solution. In severe cases, completely flush the tank or use a professional tank cleaner to service your tank.

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Kingspan Water User Manual

If you are using your tank water for laundry, internal plumbing connection or for irrigation, water filtration may be necessary to improve the water quality to avoid tainted water. We offer a range of accessories to help you achieve this:

  • Sediment filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Ultra-violet (UV) water disinfection

View our filtration products here for more information.

To register for your bonus Grundfos pump warranty online, please click here to visit the pump warranty registration form.