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A water tank cleaning is recommended every 2-3 years - sometimes more - sometimes less - as each rainwater system is unique.

As a rule of thumb, you will be the first to know when your tank water needs cleaning. Water discolouration, foul odour or taste are all indications that your tank water is not healthy and requires attention. Preventative maintenance and cleaning of your rainwater system can avoid reaching this unpleasant situation.

Some reasons why tank cleaning is necessary:
  • avoid the built-up sediment being drawn up and damaging your pump
  • prevent sediment tainting and discolouring your water
  • remove bacteria and pollutants which build up over time in the sediment
But it is important to note that experts in the industry actually recommend to NOT clean the tank completely as the sludge in the bottom of the tank is beneficial for maintaining water quality, unless it proves to be causing health issues with your water usage. Our service advisor can clarify this with you further.

The frequency of tank cleaning & de-sludging depends on the individual tank location as many different factors affect the water quality in rainwater tanks. Generally this is every 2-3 years as recommended by the Australian Government Environmental Health Council (see the document here).

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Our Water Tank Cleaning Process

Our comprehensively researched and tested equipment is designed specifically for the urban environment. We can access most tanks located in residential properties - even small blocks - as well as servicing larger rural and commercial rainwater storage systems.

The cleaning process typically includes:
  • trouble-shooting to determine the cause of any unusual level of contamination
  • vacuuming sediment from the tank
  • filtering, aerating and returning the water
  • sanitising the water to kill bacteria

Water filtration
If you are using your tank water for drinking*, laundry, internal plumbing connection or irrigation, water filtration may be necessary to improve the water quality and avoid problems associated with tainted water.

*Please note: We do not recommend drinking tank water when a potable supply is available unless it is appropriately filtered to remove potentially harmful contaminants.

Our comprehensive rainwater services include

  • Full inspection and maintenance of rain harvesting system components (domestic/commercial)
  • Water tank cleaning and water disinfection
  • Water pump maintenance - including warranty work
  • Rainwater tank systems modifications to achieve optimum efficiency (capture & overflow)
  • Mosquito & larvae check and treatment
  • Water quality testing and treatment
  • Water filter installation and maintenance 

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Kingspan Water & Energy help you ensure your tank contains only plentiful clean, fresh rain water.

Caring For Your Tank
Water Filtration
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Well-designed systems, like Kingspan Water tanks, are low maintenance. All rainwater systems need to be monitored to ensure the tank’s longevity.

With a regular low-key monitoring and maintenance plan you will generally prevent problems occurring.

Your Kingspan Water tank is made from strong steel and internal polymer coating, and is not susceptible to UV radiation, making it long lasting.

Regular maintenance is simple. We recommend you fully inspect your tank at least every 3 months.

  • Inlet screen should be clean, free of leaves and debris
  • Clean gutters regularly, ensure water does not stagnate in gutters as this causes algae blooms
  • Clean the first flush water diverter regularly
  • Inspect your tank regularly to ensure mosquito screens and light guards are working effectively.

Kingspan Water recommends that a full flush of all the tank water should be completed every 3-5 years.

Algae or smelly water should be always be treated to ensure it is safe for use. We recommend Davey Aquasafe Liquid Solution. In severe cases, completely flush the tank or use a professional tank cleaner to service your tank.

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Kingspan Water User Manual

If you are using your tank water for laundry, internal plumbing connection or for irrigation, water filtration may be necessary to improve the water quality to avoid tainted water. We offer a range of accessories to help you achieve this:

  • Sediment filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Ultra-violet (UV) water disinfection

View our filtration products here for more information.

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