Residential Water Tank and Pump Repair

Kingspan Pump Repair

Kingspan's proven expertise in supplying, installing and maintaining rainwater-harvesting systems for most of Australia's new home builders, commercial builders and national brand resellers means our experienced Service Technicians have an insightful understanding how all components interact with each other to deliver clean, healthy rainwater... and how to fix them should something go wrong!

How We Can Help

  • An efficient pump is the key to successful rainwater usage.
  • Kingspan services and repairs all makes and models of pressure pumps such as Grundfos and Davey.
  • Call us for advice on centrifugal, jet and submersible pumps, pressure tanks and mains water to tank automatic switching devices.
  • Kingspan offers on-site water pump replacements
  • Water tank installation repairs
  • Installation and maintenance of filtration systems

If your water tank or pump is in need of repair or servicing, why not get in touch with out team of professionally trained technicians for your repair needs.

I was well informed about how to use my water tank n pump. Plumber also checked the pump was actually switched on (which wasn’t) n found the floater inside the tank was stuck. Your tech/plumber (Jake) was easy to work with n so helpful.

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