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Kingspan Rhino offers both rural and specialised fire water tanks to suit commercial applications that are required to comply with the Australian Standards AS2419 or AS2304.  Our fire water tanks come with all the compliant fire tank signage, level indicators, anti-vortex outlets and other relevant nozzles. 

For rural properties, we can provide a suitably sized fire tank as a dedicated static water supply for asset protection or firefighting tanks for new homes with a bushfire overlay.

When enquiring about a fire water tank please note the EFFECTIVE CAPACITY which allows for the relevant air gap required by Australian Standards. 

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Fire Fighting Water Tank Setups

All Kingspan Rhino fire tanks are individually customised from our range of Rural and Commercial water tanks to meet local and state regulations. Our in-house engineers can guide you through any question that you might have.

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BAL Zones Water Requirement Information

Each state in Australia might have different water requirements when it comes to building in bushfire prone areas. 

Below are some summary information available online but it is highly recommended that you speak to your local council for specific requirements to your property.

NSW Water Requirements:

Download the NSW Rural Fire Service Document Here
  • The minimum dedicated water supply required for firefighting purposes for each occupied building excluding drenching systems, is provided in accordance with the table below
  • Any onsite stored water supply shall be easily identifiable from the street frontage with appropriate signage directing fire fighters towards the side of the asset where the supply is located
  • A 65mm Storz outlet for firefighting purposes is made available at the lowest possible point on the tank
  • Gate or Ball valve and pipes are adequate for water flow and are metal rather than plastic
  • Underground tanks have an access hole of 200mm to allow tankers to refill direct from the tank. A hardened ground surface for truck access is supplied within 4 metres of the access hole
  • Above ground tanks are manufactured of concrete or metal and raised tanks have their stands protected
  • Plastic tanks are not to be used, but can be used as an alternate solution if an appropriate protection measure for the tank is submitted.
Development Type Water Requirement
Residential Lots (<1,000m2) 5,000 l/lot
Rural-residential Lots (1,000 – 10,000m2) <1 ha 1 10,000 l/lot
Large Rural/Lifestyle Lots (>10,000m2) >1 ha 20,000 l/lot
Dual Occupancy 2,500 l/lot
Townhouse/Unit Style (e.g. Flats) 5,000 l/unit up to 20,000l maximum.

Tanks on the hazard side of a building:
  • Have all above ground water pipes external to the building made of metal including and up to any taps
  • Have shielding to protect pumps from radiant heat and direct flame contact

VIC Water Requirements:

Download the VIC Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Document Here

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the relevant fire authority, the water supply must:
  • Be stored in an above ground water tank constructed of concrete or metal
  • Have all fixed above ground water pipes and fittings required for firefighting purposes made of corrosive resistant metal
  • Be provided with an outlet for occupant use
Where a 10,000 litre water supply is required, the following fire authority fittings and access must be provided:
  • Be readily identifiable from the building or appropriate identification signage to the satisfaction of the CFA
  • Be located within 60 metres of the outer edge of the approved building
  • The outlet/s of the water tank must be within 4 metres of the accessway and unobstructed
  • Incorporate a separate ball or gate valve (British Standard Pipe (BSP 65mm) and coupling (64mm CFA 3 thread per inch male fitting)
  • Any pipework and fittings must be a minimum of 65mm (excluding the CFA coupling)

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