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Water Tanks, Diesel Storage and Wastewater Solutions

Kingspan offers a range of products for farmers and the agriculture industry. 

Our range of Rhino water tanks are made in Australia to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Sized from 26,000 to 365,000 Litres, our tanks provide you with reliable access to a safe and fresh water supply.

For on-site refuelling, our range of TruckMaster diesel storage tanks come in 200-900 Litres capacity. It fits the back of most Utes to keep your farm equipments going when you need it.

We also provide our BioFicient® domestic wastewater treatment system for your sewage needs, which is suitable for homes with up to 10 people.

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Rhino Water Tanks

Kingspan Rhino Australia

Kingspan Rhino manufactures quality steel water tanks for domestic, rural and industrial purposes for customers Australia wide. For any enquiries, call 1800 632 410 or email

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TruckMaster and Wastewater Solutions

Kingspan Water & Energy Australia

Kingspan Water & Energy manufactures long-lasting water tanks in our quality-controlled manufacturing plants around Australia. For enquiries, please call 1300 736 562 or email

Head Office

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Call: 1300 736 562