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2 December 2020 Kingspan Water & Energy Australia
Kingspan modline water tank in a garden

Whether it be as part of the conditions of a new build or reno or as a free-standing retro-fit water tanks are becoming as common a sight in suburbia as they are in the bush.

With house blocks getting smaller at the same time as the footprint of homes are expanding there are two major issues you face when it comes time to install a tank for your clients - achieving the best storage capacity for the site that has the least impact on living areas and lifestyle.

Kingspan Water & Energy have been in the steel water tank business since 1934 and in that time they’ve learnt more than a trick or two to help you deliver the best water storage systems for your clients. And rest assured, Kingspan are ahead of the pack in providing everything from innovative design solutions and tanks to cutting-edge rainwater system accessories.

Designing from the ground-up.

Working with the home-owner to determine the best tank size couldn’t be easier. Kingspan have four tank styles to choose from with capacities from 500L to 29,000L.

These styles provide you with options for a range of situations.

· Slimline – The ideal solution for tight spaces. (600 – 8,700L)

· Modline – The square ends maximise capacity and add a designer look. (770 – 9,000L)

· Round – The classic tank when space isn’t an issue. (500L – 29,000L)

· Square – The ultimate space saver, it can be backed into corners with no wasted space. (560 – 7,900L)

Calculating the potential storage capacity is as easy as measuring the area available for the base and the maximum practical or desirable height before heading to the Kingspan online water tank Size-A-Lator.

You can easily customise your tank with the Size-A-Lator by choosing the dimensions to suit your space. You will instantly see the capacity of the tank you designed. As you progress to get a quote on your tank you can select inlet and outlet locations, completely customising the installation to suit the site.

Unlike off-the-shelf tanks the Kingspan built-to-order system ensures you can easily maximise the use of space and achieve the highest volume storage outcomes. Rather than trying to make the site suit the tank, leaving the

installation looking like a bolt-on, the Kingspan tank is custom created to seamlessly integrate with the available space. Just the way it should be.

Quality, strength and colours galore.

With all Kingspan tanks your clients have the added peace of mind of knowing they are made in Australia with premium Bluescope Aquaplate steel. They’re all certified as drinking water-safe and come with a 10-year construction warranty and 20-year warranty against corrosion.

Being Bluescope steel this also means you can custom select from over 20 different Colorbond colours tailoring the finished tank to suit your client’s outdoor colour schemes.

Beyond the tank.

Your custom order doesn’t just end with the tank. You can select from a range of innovative pump systems that can suit any application from house supply to only the outdoors. You’ll also find excellent space saving ideas such as the Evolution MkIII pump. It’s fully integrated into the tank so you won’t lose any external space to pump boxes. Perfect for suburban situations where space is limited and a neater finish is wanted.

You can also choose from a large range of accessories.

This means that your tank can arrive on site as a complete package making for an easier, faster and more efficient install.

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