Evolution MkIII Water Pump


SB3-45A + Integrated PM Rain Controller

Easy to install, high performance pump suitable for a large, or 3 story house rainwater supply with mains water backup
  • Comes with a Grundfos submersible booster pump and PM Rain controller
  • Easy installation means reduced time and cost
  • Integrated unit with sleek look for better aesthetics PM Rain Controller ensures that collected rainwater is used as first priority, instead of precious drinking water and automatically switches to mains water when no water present or during electrical failure
  • Flow switch ensures automatic operation by means of the water level in tank
  Evolution MkIII
Maximum Flow (LPM) 100
Maximum H (M) 45
Taps (Average 15L / min): 7
  • Suitable for a large, or 3 story house rainwater supply with mains water backup
  • Not suitable for rural applications
Warranty 4 years warranty (2 years standard and 2 years bonus) when you register.

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Kingspan Water Evolution MkIII Pump

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