Detention Kits

Detention Kit

Dry Up Drainage Problems

Our no-fuss Detention kits fit quickly and simply to your rainwater tank, allowing a portion of the tank to be used as a free draining buffer, slowing down the water before it hits the stormwater system.
  • Kingspan Water can supply a wide variety of accessories and fittings to assist with your requirements. Our made-to-measure orifice plates make designing and installing stormwater detention tanks simple.
  • Kingspan Water can supply tank connections to suit all plumbing sizes up to 300mm for pressure outlets and overflow fittings.
  • Kingspan Water can design a completely tailored solution to suit each individual project, making your job easy.
Don’t throw money down the drain, meet your compulsory water storage obligations quickly and inexpensively with a Detention Kit from Kingspan.
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Kingspan Water Storm Detention

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