High-Flow Water Filtration System

High Flow Filter

Designed To Stop Tank Overflow and Dampness

The High-Flow water filtration system is an Australian first, developed and manufactured exclusively by Kingspan Water. Designed to stop the common issue of overflow flooding, or dampness around the tank, it has the ability to handle water collected from the entire roof area and can handle 4 times the volume of other standard tank filters. The High- Flow filter manages water flow rates of up to 600 litres per minute, while still supplying water to the tank and bypassing the remaining volume to the storm water management system.

  • Suitable for Kingspan water tanks
  • New home applications
  • Retrofitting to existing water tanks, subject to on-site inspection to determine suitability
  • Handling large volumes of water collection
  High Flow Filtration
Maximum Flow (LPM) 600
  • Provides high flow rates up to 600 LPM
  • Designed for 100% filtration
  • Minimises dampness and flooding around structural footings
  • Water run off is passed into the storm water system
  • Placed inside the tank, so it doesn’t get sunlight eliminating algae build up
  • Stainless steel sediment control screen is on the side of the tank making it easier to access
  • Side inspection port
  • Tanks can now be taller with this design
  • Appearance of tank is neater
  • Smaller footprint – saving on space
  • WaterMark certified
Warranty 10 years construction warranty

High Flow Introduction
How To Clean Your High Flow
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Kingspan Water High Flow Filter

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