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Western Sydney Airport

BioDisc installed as an on-site wastewater treatment system in Western Sydney Airport.

The Project

Western Sydney Airport will be the second major airport in Sydney, due to open in 2026.

The main reception building and office, which will be used during the whole construction phase, was the first building to be built on site. With no access to a local mains wastewater facility, an on-site wastewater treatment system was required to service the wastewater generated by the buildings staff and visitors. 

Sydney, New South Wales
Commercial Aviation
Boone & Willard Plumbing
Wastewater Treatment
BioDisc wastewater treatment plant installed
Kingspan Water & Energy was asked to supply their market leading BioDisc Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is used as a part of an overall wastewater system for the project. The highly treated effluent produced by the BioDisc will be further treated and used for irrigation.

The small footprint of the BioDisc has minimized the land area needed to install the system and, coupled with the industry leading energy efficiency of the motor-driven BioDisc, has kept both capital and on-going running cost to a minimum.

Greg Stokie, from the installation contractor – Boone & Willard Plumbing Pty, was impressed with the ease and speed of the installation of the single piece BioDisc Wastewater Treatment System. The installation was simple, safe and quick, thus ensuring this part of the project was very cost effective.

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