Kingspan BioDisc in Suttor Queensland at Byerwen Coal Mine

Mine Accommodation Village, North Queensland

Compact and cost-effective wastewater system to accommodate 300 on-site workers.

Coal Mine Accommodation Village, QLD

The Kingpan Commercial BioDisc® was selected for a coal mine project in Queensland that produces 10 million tonnes of hard coking coal per year. There are 300 on-site workers who are housed in an accommodation village due to the remoteness of the mine.
Working with the main plumbing contractor who was responsible for the wastewater system in the accommodation village, Kingspan installed a Twin BM BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The treatment plant met the client’s expectation as it provided a compact and cost effective solution which was designed to service up to 72,000 litres of wastewater daily. Reducing the environmental impact of the project was a major concern for the client so the production of high quality effluent with minimal energy consumption was a high priority which was made possible with the BioDisc®.
Following biological treatment, wastewater is disinfected and then pump fed to an irrigation system for disposal.

North Queensland

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