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Mazda Distribution Centre - Brisbane Airport

14 tanks built to exact dimensions, as specified by the designer and engineer.

14 Kingspan Water AQUAPLATE® Round Tanks with Commercial Fittings, Varying Sizes and Capacities.

The Mazda Distribution Centre, covering 5.9 hectares, includes an office building, workshop, open-air car preparation shed, automotive car wash and 1,800 covered car parking spaces. The construction project delivered a modern, efficient facility to cater for growing business requirements.

The water conservation requirements specified rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing, irrigation and vehicle wash-down. Up to 100 vehicles are washed per day, and the vehicle wash-down bay captures, treats and reuses water over a number of cycles, supplemented with rainwater as required.

Rainwater is harvested from three very large catchment areas: workshop, office building and vehicle wash-down station.

Engineers specified the tank sizes and fittings. A small footprint area was required (small diameter, tall height); head height was straightforward as roof heights were greater than 3 metres.

Commercial size fittings were used for storage of large water volumes.

Kingspan Water built the 14 tanks to exact dimensions, as specified by the designer and engineer. Despite the very large sizes, there was no compromise needed from the original design.

The plumber specified fitting locations to suit onsite drainage, saving time and money as a result of an efficient fit.
The tanks were matched aesthetically, adding to the architectural integrity of the buildings.

Kingspan Water supported JC Plumbing by confirming the fit out for each tank to ensure fit locations. The tanks were delivered and positioned by the Tankworks' team without assistance required from the plumber.

The Solution

Fourteen large capacity tanks in specified sizes, using large commercial grade fittings, including logistics handling and positioning onsite. Total Capacity = 118,860 litres which comprises of: 2 x 12,930L tanks for toilet flushing 4 x 7,750L tanks for irrigation 8 x 7,750L tanks for vehicle wash-down Kingspan Water ( previously Tankworks) also assisted by cross-checking tank requirements based on hydraulic plans supplied by the plumber. A formal written quotation was submitted, fitting locations where nominated on each tank (with assistance from Kingspan Water), the order was confirmed and delivered on the date advised.
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