Western Australia Karratha Wastewater Treatment System

Large Scale Processing Plant, Karratha, WA

Manufacturing and installation of a BL BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant

Large scale processing plant, WA

Kingspan carried out the manufacturing and installation of a replacement wastewater treatment system for one of the world’s largest ammonia product facilities which produces approximately 850,000 metric tons annually.

Working in partnership with ABCO Water Systems, Kingspan manufactured and supplied a BL BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant to replace a failing sewage treatment system. A key challenge of the project was to ensure the flow rate was controlled, due to fluctuating seasonal demand at the processing plant. The BioDisc® met this requirement and was installed with existing pumping stations on site.

The flow rate was controlled by use of a gravity return line – this ensured the primary settlement tank of the BioDisc® remained at a constant level while inflow was available. A complex flow system between the pump stations and the BioDisc® was managed carefully by ABCO installers and technical support from the Kingspan team.

The existing individual pumping stations were connected to the primary pumping station, which pumped the influent to a below ground 19KL balance tank which was then pumped to the Kingspan treatment plant. The treated effluent was then discharged by gravity into a pumping station where it was pumped to an evaporation pond for disposal.

Due to seasonal low population at the production plant, two of the bailing buckets were removed to allow maximum time within the BioDisc® for biological treatment.

Karratha, Western Australia

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