Kimberley Port Authority, Broome, Western Australia

BioDisc BL Commercial Treatment Plant at Port of Broome in Western Australia.

Port of Broome, WA

In cooperation with ABCO Water Systems, Kingspan was involved in the design and construction of the wastewater servicing of the Port of Broome. The port services the Kimberley region and is the largest deep-water access port in the area.
A key challenge for this installation was to connect the BL BioDisc® Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant to the existing vacuum sewage system which connected all the individual buildings within the entire development.
Effluent was transported to a below ground 19KL tank. It was then pumped to the BioDisc®. The treated effluent was then discharged by gravity to a 7KL tank. This modular treatment process was carefully managed by the technical team from Kingspan and the ABCO installers to ensure consistent and well managed flow rates.
The treated effluent was then further treated to allow disposal by sprinklers in the public landscaped areas within the port boundaries. To ensure the highest quality effluent, an Ultra Filter was used with the treatment plant.
An additional telemetry system was installed to the wastewater treatment system to constantly monitor the quality of the treated water being discharged, satisfying strict environmental regulations.
Additional to the environmental benefits of the Kingspan sewage treatment system, huge cost savings were realised very quickly from the beginning of installation.

Broome, Western Australia

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