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Using Aquaplate® food-grade polymer-coated steel specifically designed for water tanks, the quality of Kingspan Waters’ rain water tanks are tested, proven and supported through our wealth of engineering experience, combined with contemporary management systems.

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Tank Supply and Install Service

We are now offering NSW Metro residents our comprehensive supply and install service where we deliver and fully install your tank including base, plumbing and any electrical works required. Just choose a water tank and we'll do the rest! Learn more about it here.

Upgrade Your Water Tank with Smart Tank Sensor

Smart Tank Sensor is an innovative water tank solution which uses smart technology and the Telstra 4G network to manage and monitor your water tank remotely from anywhere and anytime. Learn more about it here.
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Kingspan Water Products

Wastewater Treatment Products

The Kingspan Water Advantage

Round Water Tank
  • Australian Made
  • Established in 1934
  • Local manufacturing in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne
  • Made with genuine AQUAPLATE® food-grade polymer-coated steel
  • Made-to-measure service, create your tank in the exact size that you need
  • 20 year warranty against corrosion
  • WaterMark Approval for all tanks
Kingspan Water is a quality-endorsed company. All products are manufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001. This gives our customers a peace of mind knowing that our product are quality controlled and made to last in Australia.

Water Management Projects

Looking for a quality, Australian made water tank for your home?

Get in touch with our friendly team and we'll happily guide you through any questions that you might have regarding our water tanks.

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Kingspan Water & Energy manufactures long-lasting water tanks in our quality-controlled manufacturing plants around Australia. For enquiries, please call 1300 736 562 or email

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