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The Kingspan BioDisc Wastewater Treatment Plant is trusted to take care of the sewage treatment requirement for thousands of Camping, Caravanning and Holiday Parks all over the World.

On the Banks of Lake Somerset, 120km North West of Brisbane, is the site of a very popular and environmentally conscious Camp Site. Recent expansion has given the need to increase the capacity of one of the onsite Wastewater Treatment Plants, to ensure the quality of the treated effluent discharge remains as high as required.

To ensure the project went smoothly, the Camp Site employed the services of Brisbane based Wastewater Consultants, Taylor Environmental Australia.

Working with Taylor Environmental, Kingspan selected the BioDisc BF Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant to suit the seasonally fluctuating site-specific requirements of the Camp Site. Once delivered, the BioDisc was installed and commissioned by specialist Wastewater Contractors -Webster Plumbing Services.
Webster Plumbing Services have been involved in the installation of Wastewater systems for over a decade and were highly impressed with ease in which the BioDisc was installed.   

The BioDisc Wastewater Treatment Plant is favoured around the world for its unrivalled efficiency and sustainability. Offering the lowest energy consumption in its product class, the noise-free and odourless tank is appropriate for domestic and commercial environments alike. A fully removable lid allows for easy de-sludging and maintenance, while durable construction and premium materials enable minimal service requirements.

Tested and suitable for applications up to 300 equivalent population in a single tank and up to 2500 population equivalent in modular form, with over 60 years pedigree, Kingspan’s BioDisc range is suitable for a variety of projects and has been successfully supplied around the world, including Australia, the Middle East and countless installations across Europe and Scandinavia.

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