On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

Last updated: 07/08/2019

This rebate scheme is designed specifically for on-farm water infrastructure expenses, helping primary producers in the NSW, VIC (selected local governments), QLD, WA, ACT, SA and NT drought-affected areas.

With a $50 million funding assigned over 3 years, this rebate scheme officially starts in the 2018-2019 financial year.

You can apply for a 25% rebate of up to $25,000 on the cost of new infrastructure that supplies water for animal welfare.

Each state has been allocated a portion of this fund and you can check with your respective state authority for further information.

You can view the video below to get a clearer understanding of this scheme within 60 seconds.

Local State Information

For detailed state specific information and application procedures, you can visit your relevant state's authority website for more details below.

NSW - NSW Rural Assistance Authority website
VIC - Agriculture Victoria website
QLD - QLD Department of Agricultureand Fisheries website 
WA - WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website
ACT - ACT Government Environment website
SA - Primary Industries and Regions SA website
NT - NT Government website

Who Can Apply

To be eligible to apply for this assistance, you must be:
  • a primary producer (as defined by your state or territory)
  • a property owner, share farmer or lease holder
  • in an area defined as drought affected (by your state or territory)
  • involved in the grazing industry.

Eligible Expenses

To qualify for this rebate, your new infrastructure must be used:

  • for grazing livestock that you own (not agisted stock)
  • for your animal welfare need
  • to improve your farm's drought resilience

All eligible expenses must relate to the buying and installing of:

  • Water storage devices such as rainwater harvesting tanks and troughs associated with stock watering
  • Water pumps and associated electronic systems to manage water delivery
  • Water pipes 

You can also claim this rebate if your expense is related to:
  • Desilting dams
  • Drilling new stock water bores and its associated power supply such as generators

Your expenses must occur in the same financial year as your claim. Purchases must be made after 30 June 2018. Any purchase made before this date is not eligible for this rebate.

Benefits of Improving Your On-Farm Water Supply

Improving on-farm water supply will:
  • allow you to better address your animal welfare needs
  • help you be more resilient and better prepared for future droughts
  • increase your farm's productivity
  • mitigate degradation of natural watering points

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