The Greater Melbourne Alternative Water Plan

In 2015/16 households provided 74% of the water revenue for Greater Melbourne causing water bill expenditure to be beyond that of inflation. This means water bills will continue to rise.

Kingspan commissioned the Alternative Water Plan Research Report which reflects on the ongoing rise in household bills due to the out-dated water services model in Melbourne. The report investigates and models the potential of building design to change how the whole city manages water, energy and stormwater. The plan uses a systems approach to compare two options; Business as Usual vs. Sustainable Building. It also explains the impact on family and state government budgets.

The Business as usual option is projected to increase household expenditure on water and sewage services to over $3 billion annually by 2050. Whereas the Sustainable Building option will save households $1 billion on water services every year after 2035.

You can download a copy of the research report, or read about the different topics below.


The Greater Melbourne Alternative Water Plan

Based on the research by Professor Peter J. Coombes - Urban Water Cycle Solutions Pty Ltd

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