Satisfying the demands and needs of designers, specifiers and home-owners has long been a challenge especially when you’re trying to juggle sourcing, design, ordering and installations. Meeting these demands can make it hard to stay on the front-foot but Aussie innovators Kingspan can be with you every step of the way from design to installation and beyond.

Ease Of Design And Accelerated Installation

Steel Round Water Tank
Kingspan Made to Measure tanks come in a range of customable styles allowing you to easily create the tank you need to match site and design requirements. Colour, shape, capacity - all can be easily tailored to suit the project.

Most importantly to you however is the ability to make your install easier and more efficient. You can change fitting locations, include a range of accessories to arrive with the tank and even have your tank plug-and-play and ready to go with an Evolution MkIII pump system pre-fitted.

There’s no messing around finding the right fittings and adaptors at install time either as they can all be tailored to suit the job when you order;
  • Civil fittings, fire fittings (to comply with your state’s standards), domestic fittings, multiple fittings
  • OSD fittings
  • Large range of fittings to suit domestic and commercial applications
Even delivery is easier, no tank just plonked on the nature-strip, Kingspan drivers will even position your tank on the base at delivery time.

Innovation Advantage

Evolution MKIII Pump
True innovation doesn’t just solve one simple problem, it solves a multitude and improves project efficiency while delivering better outcomes for the client. That’s exactly what the Evo MkIII integrated pump system does. The integrated and pre-installed system is fitted on and in the tank. Using a quiet and efficient Grundfos submersible pump it’s designed for large or 3-storey homes with mains water back-up, has a maximum flow rate of 100L/pm with a head of 45m.

Thanks to the included and integrated Grundfos PM Rain controller the system will supply water to the property first from the tanks and then, if the tank level is low or power cuts out, it will automatically switch to mains supply.

With blocks becoming smaller and installs tighter this integrated design saves valuable space as the only footprint is the tank itself. Clients and designers also love the design – no jumble of pump and tangle of pipes sticking out the side, just a sleek tank.

Tanks with the integrated Evo MkIII system are also ideal for civil projects as risks of accidental damage to the pump system, theft of pump hardware and vandalism are greatly reduced.

Kingspan innovation doesn’t end there. Their Australian first High-Flow water filtration system solves a range of issues. During times of peak water flow typical systems can lose large volumes of water at the tank and input pipe interface. This results in decreased efficiency of the catchment system and can create on-site headaches, not to mention call-backs, with wet areas around tanks from the spill.

The unique High-Flow filter can handle a massive 600 litres a minute and if flow exceeds this? The surplus can be by-passed to the stormwater management system all but eliminating overflow and catchment related problems.

This system isn’t just for new installs, it can be retrofitted to a range of existing tanks.

Highflow and EVO Rough in Diagrams

Peace of Mind

Plumber Solution 1
With quality engineering and manufacturing, Aussie innovation for our conditions and extensive warranty and after-sales support Kingspan gives you something money can’t buy – genuine peace of mind with every job.

Of course all products come with local warranties and support, the Evo MkIII pump system has a 4 year warranty (standard 2-years with a bonus 2-years) when you register your pump.

Kingspan are there to help with all of your design dilemmas and they’re there long after the project is finished. You’ll find a full range of customer handover manuals and technical support material is readily available and this is backed up by quality, local after-sales support. And when the need is there they’ve a committed and passionate team of technicians to help provide after sales support and maintenance.

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