Wastewater Treatment Plant at Yallingup Caves House

Caves House Hotel, Yallingup WA

A modern wastewater treatment solution to meet growing demands

The Project

After sharing an outdated and inefficient wastewater system with an adjacent apartment complex for many years, the owners of Caves House Hotel realised the system could not cope with growing demands and usage.

Yallingup, Western Australia
ABCO Water Systems
Wastewater Treatment
Caves House Hotel 2
Kingspan were able to provide a modern, space-saving and compliant solution with the BioDisc BL Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The contractor for the project, ABCO Water Systems, provided a cost-effective solution to both parties by splitting the wastewater system in two. This allows the on-going maintenance and servicing to be separate to each entity.

The available land space for installing the new system was relatively limited, due to several factors including topography. The BioDisc is a compact single tank system with class leading minimal footprint, maximising surround space which can be left for recreational use by clientele and guests.

Hospitality sites such as hotels, restaurants, cellar doors and camping park produce high strength sewage with major peaks and troughs throughout, both seasonally and throughout the day. The unique and patented flow management process in the BioDisc ensures a stable flow pattern through the main treatment zones, thus ensuring a highly efficient treatment process.

Energy efficiency and quiet, odour free service are always major priorities for a business which serves public customers. The BioDisc utilises a highly efficient direct drive motor system with class leading low energy consumption and silent running. The simple treatment process does not employ air compressors and therefore reduces the risk of odour production in the system.   The simple treatment process does not employ air compressors and therefore reduces the risk of odour production in the system.  

“In many applications, the Kingspan BioDisc gives us the confidence in knowing that we have met and exceeded our client’s requirements in providing them with the overall solution to fulfil their Wastewater Treatment project requirement.” Murray Brown, ABCO Water Systems.


Product Information

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