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As a Kingspan Water Tank owner, you can rest assured that our dedicated customer service and technical support teams will look after all of your after sale needs.

In the Residential Customer Support area you can find many useful information and documents relating to your water tank, request technical assistance or even book a tank service directly with our friendly service team.

How Your Kingspan Tank System Works

This video explains all the moving parts that make up a typical Kingspan residential water tank system.

It includes some handy tips too such as how to check if your tank is empty!

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Does Your Tank Look Like This?

Taking care of your tank with regular maintenance can help maintain water quality and prolong it's lifespan, and it's very easy too! Check out our maintenance tips and videos to learn more.


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Grass growing in water tank leaf filter

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Cleaning your water tank's leaf filter is easy and makes sure that you capture every drop of water instead of letting it go to waste!

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