BioDisc® Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant


World Leading Wastewater Treatment Plant

Committed to delivering fully compliant ways to effectively treat, pump and separate wastewater, Kingspan offers the Australian market one of the largest and most technologically advanced wastewater ranges available globally. 

Tested and suitable for applications of up to 300 population equivalent in a single tank and up to 2,500 population equivalent in modular form and used where a connection to a main wastewater sewer is not possible.

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Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

Key Features

Safety Features Control Panel Twin Bearing Rotor Design Monocoque Casing
  • Low profile lockable covers
  • Fully removable covers simplify desludging without the need for restricted access provision - a requirement of the Safe Work Australia Confined Spaces Code of Practice
  • Full platform access to motor and bearings
  • Secure lockable control panel
  • Integrated loss of rotation alarm (offered on all Commercial BioDiscs® from BD-BN).

Plants are supplied with either a single phase or three phase direct-drive motor The control panel features an included inversion device (BD-BN models only) which converts single phase power to three phase.

By supporting the rotor at each end, the load and wear on the shaft and bearings is reduced. Each shaft also features long-life bearings with automatic grease capsules requiring annual replacement.

The new Kingspan range includes the well-established Kingspan rotor design which is compact, structurally sound and built for long life. The flow is managed through the plant. It reduces the need for maintenance associated with sectional bolted assemblies.

All BioDisc® casings provide: lightweight, structurally strong GRP construction; integrated steel cradle providing a stable component platform; pre-engineered quality for exceptional performance and elimination of onsite assembly; full length ports for easy desludging; various invert depths, with only 150mm head loss; variable desludging cycles.

Product Benefits

  • Local accreditations
  • Unique RBC technology.
  • Tried and tested technology offers robust and efficient wastewater treatment.
  • Noise free, simple motor drive with low running costs.
  • Odour-free. Tested and fully approved in accordance with BSEN13725.
  • Fully removable lid for easy desludging.
  • Fully packaged system, delivered direct to site.
  • 100% compliance with industry requirements across commercial sectors- including international regulations such as BS EN12255 and EN 12566-3 (up to 50 PE).
  • Customised technical support offered from our in-house technical teams.
  • Full range of effluent disinfection systems available.


The BioDisc® BC-BN range is suitable for a range of applications including:
  • Leisure
  • Public
  • Hospitality
  • Domestic
  • Transport
  • Offices
  • Mine and Site Accommodation
  • Agricultural

The Treatment Process

The unique design of the Kingspan Commercial BioDisc® BC-BN range has a proven track record for high-quality performance, superior reliability and low operational costs. Each system is delivered direct to your site and ready to install, giving you added peace of mind.

1. Primary Settlement Chamber

Wastewater and sewage flows into the Primary Settlement Chamber where the large solids are retained for future removal. Liquid level in the Primary Settlement Chamber is allowed to fluctuate to absorb incoming flow surges.

2. First Stage Biological Treatment

The liquor and fine solids then flow into Biological Treatment Zone 1 where the first stage of treatment occurs. Unique managed flow system ensures peak performance by smoothing variable loads.

3. Second Stage Biological Treatment

The liquor is then fed forward at a controlled rate into Biological Treatment Zone 2 for further cleaning. This process ensures the whole media area available is utilised ensuring maximum efficiency.

4. Final Clarification Chamber

The surplus micro-organisms continuously slough off the discs and are carried forward to the final settlement where they settle out as a humus sludge, leaving a clear treated effluent to be discharged to the effluent distribution system. The settled humus sludge is returned to the Primary Settlement Chamber by the sludge return pump under timer control. The sludge return pump also removes any floating scum which helps to keep the final Clarification Chamber working efficiently.

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Technical Specification

NOTE: Download the brochure to view the comprehensive Technical Data Table.

Population Equivalent (Std Flow) 18 25 35 50 70 75 100 125 150 225 300
Maximum Daily BOD (kg) 1.08 1.5 2.1 3 4.2 4.5 6 7.5 9 13.5 18
Maximum Daily Flow (m3) 3.6 5 7 10 14 15 20 25 30 45 60
Ø/Width (mm) Ø2450 2450 2450 2450 2450 2450 2450 2450 2450 2450 2450
Length (mm) - 3340 3340 4345 5235 7755 7755 7755 7755 10420 13100
Height to Rim of Cover (mm) 2485/2985 2485/2985 2485/2985 2485/2985 2485/2985 2490/2890 2490/2890 2490/2890 2490/2890 2490/2890 2490/2890
Empty Weight (kg) 650/750 1100/1200 1200/1300 1315/1465 1660/1810 3000/3020 3100/3120 3200/3220 3300/3320 4200/4250 5500/5650
Electrical Power Consumption (Units/year) 923.45 1357.07 1935.23 2609.75 2609.75 3812.82 3812.82 3812.82 3812.82 5547.3 7378.14
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Kingspan BioDisc Commercial Brochure

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