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Our simple yet stable solutions are designed specifically to provide key data metrics and reporting for fuel, AdBlue, lubricants, liquids, water, LPG, materials and cold storage environments. Using one of the world’s most advanced and intuitive web-based reporting platforms, our comprehensive reports and data improve procurement and logistic management offering cost effective visibility and control wherever you are.

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Discover how our range of Measure & Monitoring Solutions can give your Business visibility and control over all your tanks and assets.

Kingspan Sensor’s innovative telemetry gauges and data hosting platforms can help your business with stock management, procurement and asset control – leaving you time to get on with what’s important - running your business.

Case Study

Volkswagen Ireland and Kingspan Sensor Partnership

By installing our Watchman Anywhere remote monitoring devices onto their lubricant tanks – ensured that the Volkswagen Dealerships in Ireland had better control of their stock levels and never ran out of lubricant.

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