Air-Cell Insulbreak Wedge

3-in-1 Insulation, Thermal Break, and Vapour Barrier

Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak is a 3-in-1 insulation, vapour barrier and thermal break solution for steel-framed construction.

In steel-framed buildings, Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak delivers the R0.20 thermal break required for NCC BCA compliance*, reducing thermal bridging and conductivity between building elements. It is also commonly used in non-steel framed applications such as timber framed roofs.

  • Australian made
  • 3-in-1 Insulation, thermal break, and vapour barrier
  • Fibre-free
  • CodeMark-certified for BCA compliance
* Refer to NCC BCA Vol. 1 Section J 1.3, 1.5; Vol. 2,

Product Information

Product Data Table
Specification Guide
Installation Instructions
CAD Drawings
Testing and Data Table
Product Data  AIR-CELL Insulbreak 65 AIR-CELL Insulbreak 80
Product Thickness (nom.) 6.5 mm 8.0 mm
Roll Diameter (nom.) 450 mm 500mm
Roll Weight (nom.) 9.15 kg 10 kg
Roll Size 1350 mm x 22.25 m (30 m2)
Reflectance Anti-glare: 95%
Reflective: 97%
Emittance Anti-glare: E0.05
Reflective: E0.03
Max. Span 2.4 m without support mesh

Technical Service

If your construction is different from those specified, and/or to gain a comprehensive R-value calculation and technical information of your project, please consult the Kingspan Insulation Technical Service Department for assistance. Call 1300 247 235 and press "2" to speak with Technical services, email, or use the online contact form.

Assumption and Key

The R-values shown are Total R-values for the building element as required by the Energy Provisions of the Building Code of Australia. Kingspan AIR-CELL products are manufactured, tested and packaged in conformance with AS/NZS 4859.1.

The contribution of the product Total R-values depends on installation and environmental conditions. The R-value will be reduced in the event of the accumulation of dust on the upward facing surfaces and in those cavities that are ventilated.

Residential Metal Roof - Flat Ceiling

View System R-value

Residential Metal Roof - Raked Ceiling

View System R-value

Commercial Metal Deck Roof

View System R-value

Commercial Metal Deck Roof - Double Insulation Layer

View System R-value

Steel-framed Wall

View System R-value

General Requirements

  1. Fit Kingspan AIR-CELL neatly around doors, windows, and any penetrations, and tape if necessary to prevent air leakage.
  2. When taping a plastic squeegee or blade must be used to apply appropriate pressure to the tape. Surfaces must be dry and free from dust, oil or grease prior to taping (please refer to brochure ‘Kingspan Insulation Tape’ for further information).
  3. Leave minimum 50 mm clearance around heat producing flues or light fittings (refer to light fitting manufacturer).
The instructions in this document are guidelines only and should be interpreted with consideration for the specific building design. The installation of Kingspan AIR-CELL should be in conformance with the applicable clauses from AS 3999 and AS/NZS 4200.2 unless otherwise specified.
Kingspan AIR-CELL can be damaged by intense heat above 105° C and contact with sparks and flame from blow torches, welders, cutting tools, etc. must be avoided.
The installer must make due provision for safety when installing Kingspan AIR-CELL in any application.

Safety Information

View Safety Information

Handling & Storage

View Instructions

Residential Metal Roof

View Installation Instructions

Commercial Metal Deck Roof

View Installation Instructions

PDF Format

CAD PDF - Commercial Office Metal Roof

CAD PDF - Commercial Office Roof Double Insulation_Between Purlins

CAD PDF - Commercial Office Roof Double Insulation Over_Under Purlins

CAD PDF - Residential Metal Roof Flat Ceiling_AIR-CELL

CAD PDF - Residential Metal Roof Raked Ceiling_AIR-CELL

CAD PDF - Steel Framed Wall_AIR-CELL

CAD PDF - Steel Framed Wall_AIR-CELL_Kooltherm K18 Combination

DWG Format

CAD DWG - Commercial Office Metal Roof

CAD DWG - Commercial Office Roof Double Insulation_Between Purlins

CAD DWG - Commercial Office Roof Double Insulation Over_Under Purlins

CAD DWG - Residential Metal Roof Flat Ceiling_AIR-CELL

CAD DWG - Residential Metal Roof Raked Ceiling_AIR-CELL

CAD DWG - Steel Framed Wall_AIR-CELL

CAD DWG - Steel Framed Wall_AIR-CELL_Kooltherm K18 Combination

PSI - AIR-CELL Foam Range

Management Standards

Standard Management System
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management

Manufacturing Specifications

Characteristic Test Method / Standard Specification
Flammability Index AS 1530.2 ≤ 5
Material Thermal Resistance ASTM C518 0.20 m²·K/W (TB065)
0.25 m²·K/W (TB080)
Emittance ASTM E408 Reflective Face E0.03
Anti-Glare Face E0.05
Duty Rating (Burst Force) AS 3706.4 1.0 kN - equivalent to Extra Heavy Duty
Vapour Barrier ASTM E96 High Resistance (TB065)
Medium Resistance (TB080)
Shrinkage AS/NZS 4201.3 <0.5%
Dry Delamination AS/NSZ 4201.1 Pass
Wet Delamination AS/NSZ 4201.2 Pass
Water Barrier AS/NSZ 4201.4 High Resistance
Water Absorbency AS/NSZ 4201.6 Unclassified
Corrosion Resistance AS/NZS 4859.1 Appendix I Pass

Environmental Data Table

Aspect Characteristic
Recyclability Waste not recyclable. Roll width to suit most applications to minimise site waste
Re-usability Re-usable if removed with care (long term of service expected)
Water Use No water used in Kingspan Insulation's manufacturing process
Ozone Depleting Substances None present in the finish product or in Kingspan Insulation's manufacturing process
Packaging Contains approximately 10% recycled product. Packaging is 100% recyclable
Embodied Energy 43 MJ/m² approximately

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