Somerton Site Achieves WCOM Silver Status

30 October 2020 Kingspan Insulation Australia

We are delighted to announce that our manufacturing facility in Somerton, Victoria achieved World Class Operations Management (WCOM) Silver Status.

What is WCOM?

It is a management philosophy focussed on improving process within the organisation so that we become truly “World Class”.

'‘World Class’' is the philosophy of being the best, the fastest, and the lowest cost producer of a product or service as ranked by customers and industry experts. By default it implies the constant improvement of products , processes, and services to remain an industry leader and provide the best choice for customers, regardless of where they are in the process.

WCOM is part of Somerton’s Operational Strategy, and is driven by a culture where losses (anything that adds cost but not value) are systematically identified and reduced or eliminated.

By default, it implies the constant improvement of products, processes and services so that we remain the industry leader and provide the best choice for customers.

It requires the Somerton manufacturing facility to systematically and constantly measure, review and improve our activities across all areas - including Health & Safety, Quality, Environmental and Energy.

There are a number of new information boards and daily control rooms around the Somerton site and presenting and reviewing data now forms the basis of our shop-floor meetings and discussions.

A massive congratulations to our Production team and everyone involved who help accomplish this fantastic achievement.

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