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17 November 2016 Kingspan Insulation Australia
AIR-CELL Insuliner installed

Australian-made Kingspan AIR-CELL Insuliner is the only pliable reflective insulation membrane in Australia to achieve a fire performance rating that allows its use as wall and ceiling linings in warehouses and commercial or industrial sheds*.

Designed for buildings where the insulation is also the wall or ceiling lining, AIR-CELL Insuliner has a Group 2 NCC fire performance classification and can be used in most areas of buildings apart from fire-isolated exits, fire control rooms, and some un-sprinklered corridors.

AIR-CELL Insuliner is a 3-in-1 insulation as well as a vapour and radiant barrier and uses the latest thermal reflective insulation technology to provide the most advanced fire performance available for pliable reflective insulation membranes which act as wall and ceiling linings in warehouses and commercial or industrial sheds.

AIR-CELL Insuliner Wedge

Kingspan Technical R & D and Accreditations Manager Keith Anderson says it’s the only pliable reflective insulation membrane currently available in Australia that achieves a Group Number higher than Group 4* and so complies with NCC fire performance requirements in warehouses and commercial and industrial sheds without conventional internal wall or ceiling linings. The ISO 9705 test also reports an extremely low Smoke Growth Rate Index of 8.5 m2s-2 x 1000 and therefore confirms that Insuliner is acceptable as lining material in buildings without fire sprinklers.

“AIR-CELL Insuliner is also quick and easy to install and is, tough and durable. It’s water-resistant and is unaffected by moisture as well as resisting attack by rodents and insects.”

AIR-CELL Insuliner comprises a physically cross-linked, closed-cell insulation core sandwiched by highly reflective foil facings.

Kingspan Insulation is Australia’s leading insulation manufacturer and recently released a fire safety compliance guide for wall and ceiling linings in warehouses and commercial or industrial sheds where the insulation acts as the wall or ceiling lining.

*Correct at time of publishing based on information in the public domain.

Tech Bulletin - Wall and Ceiling Lining Fire Safety Compliance

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