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Australia’s highest level of product assurance and compliance

Kingspan Insulation’s AIR-CELL was the first insulation product in Australia to certify to the National Construction Code under the CodeMark scheme, beating the rest of the industry including the region’s largest manufacturers to the mark.

What is CodeMark?

Considered to be the building industry’s highest level of product assurance, CodeMark is a certification scheme managed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

Why is CodeMark important?

CodeMark references Kingspan Insulation's certified products against the relevant insulation sections of the National Construction Code (NCC) to make sure it complies not only with the testing standards (including compulsory insulation standard AS/NZS 4859.1), but also the suitability of the product and its compliance to building types and/or applications as regulated by the NCC. CodeMark is the only certification scheme that delivers this total compliance.

What are the benefits of CodeMark?

Provides legislated acceptance of Kingspan Insulation's certified products by building certifiers and building control authorities, expediting approval processes.

  • Helps to manage risk and legal liability
  • Increases confidence in building products and practices
  • Facilitates the use of innovative new products

What does that mean for me?

It means total peace of mind. With CodeMark certification, home owners can breathe easy knowing that Kingspan Insulation's certified products delivers compliance to the NCC in relation to insulation requirements*; while builders, architects, designers, and building certifiers can breathe easy knowing that they can better manage their legal liabilities in relation to product compliance to the NCC.

*Refer to conditions and limitations noted on certificate.

Visit the ABCB website to find out more about CodeMark.

FM Approved


World-class fire standard certification

Kingspan Insulation’s super high performance insulation product Kooltherm K10 FM Soffit Board has been awarded with the prestigious FM Approval* from Factory Mutual (FM) Global.

*FM Approval Class 4880 Class 1 valid for ceiling/soffit installation only, with non-combustible walls.

What is FM Global?

FM Global is an international property insurance and loss prevention engineering company operating in over 100 countries.

Recognised and respected across the globe, FM Approvals third-party certification assures customers that Kingspan Kooltherm K10 FM Soffit Board has been objectively tested and conforms to the highest national and international fire standards.

What are the benefits of using FM Approved material?

FM Approved materials:

  • Are recognised by insurance company which contributes to reducing the overall building insurance cost
  • Are recognised by building assessors which helps accelerate building approval
  • Reduce damage in case of a disaster which leads to faster recovery
  • Require less safety facilities which reduces overall building cost and construction time

Visit FM Global website

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