Air-Cell Glareshield Wedge

Product Summary

Australian-made Kingspan AIR-CELL Glareshield is a patented thermo reflective anti-glare insulation.

Kingspan AIR-CELL products are designed to combat heat gain and heat loss in all three forms (radiation, convection and conduction), resulting in thermal performance superior to many conventional insulations.

In addition, Kingspan AIR-CELL Glareshield is non-allergenic, non-irritant and has none of the health and safety warnings associated with using many conventional bulk insulations.

  • Australian Made
  • 3-in-1 Insulation, vapour barrier, and radiant barrier
  • Fibre-free
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
AIR-CELL Glareshield is a versatile product used in different applications. Please contact us for your requirements. 
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Product Information

Product Data Table
Testing and Data Table
Product Data 
Product Thickness (nom.) 7 mm
Product R-value at 23oC R0.14 m2.K/W
Roll Diameter (nom.) 440 mm
Roll Weight (nom.) 11 kg
Roll Size 1350 mm x 22.25 m (30 m2)
Reflectance Reflective Face 97%
Anti-Glare Face 95%
Emittance Reflective Face E0.03
Anti-Glare Face E0.05
Max. Span 2.4 m without support mesh

PSI - AIR-CELL Foam Range

Management Standards

Standard Management System
BS / I.S. EN ISO 9001:2008  Quality Management
AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004  Environmental Management

Product Specifications

Property Test Method/Standard Specification Classification
Flammability Index AS 1530.2 ≤ 5 Low
Material R-value ASTM C518 at 23oC 0.14 m2.K/W -
IR Emittance AS/NZS 4201.5 Reflective Face: 0.03
Anti-Glare Face: 0.05
IR Reflective
IR Reflective
IR Emittance - - Category RR
Burst Strength AS 3706.4 (CBR) 1.4 kN -
Tensile Strength AS/NZS 4200.1/AS 1301.448s MD >19.0 kN/m
LD  >16 kN/m
Extra Heavy Duty
Edge Tear AS/NZS 4200.1/TAPPI T470 MD > 900 N
LD > 900 N
Extra Heavy Duty
Duty Rating AS/NZS 4200.1:2017 - Extra Heavy Duty
Vapour Control ASTM E96 Vapour Barrier
< 0.020 µg/N.s
Class 2
Water Control AS/NZS 4201.4 Pass Water Barrier
Moisture Shrinkage AS/NZS 4201.3 < 0.5% -
Dry Delamination AS/NZS 4201.1 Pass -
Wet Delamination AS/NZS 4201.2 Pass -
Surface Water Absorbency AS/NZS 4201.6 < 100g/m2 Low
Corrosion Resistance AS/NZS 4859.1:2018
App. E
Pass -
Electrical Conductivity AS/NZS 200.1:2017 - c. ≤ 10 MΩ Electrically Conductive
Acoustics Bassett Acoustics Report MA0221j02 6 db(A) noise reduction through an attic roof -

Environmental Data Table

Aspect Characteristic
Recyclability Waste not recyclable. Roll width to suit most applications to minimise site waste
Re-usability Re-usable if removed with care (long term of service expected)
Water Use No water used in Kingspan Insulation's manufacturing process
Ozone Depleting Substances None present in the finish product or in Kingspan Insulation's manufacturing process
Packaging Contains approximately 10% recycled product. Packaging is 100% recyclable
Embodied Energy 43 MJ/m² approximately

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