Barrier Protection - Single Barrier

Kingspan Insulated Panels Single Barrier Protection System

The unique anchoring system of KPSBarrier-S offers ultimate protection for columns and walls while allowing fast installation and no concrete damage upon impact

KPSBarrier-S can also be used as a wheel guide to help guide drivers reversing articulated trailers to dock leveller doors for loading and offloading purposes. Manufactured from high performance synthetic polymer technology. Its durable design provides excellent impact resistance and ensures maximum protection.

Tested and certified to provide protection to people and structures from the impact of machinery

Watch the video to see how our SafeDefence protection systems are used and tested.
Kingspan SafeDefence Protection System Brochure

Kingspan SafeDefence Protection System Brochure

Technical Information

Product Data Sheet

Kingspan SafeDefence KPSBarrier S Product Data Sheet

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