Kingspan Insulated Panels fully complies with the new NCC 2019

15 July 2020
NCC Compliance Series by Kingspan Insulated Panels
The new National Construction Code (NCC) aims to make buildings more energy efficient. Complying with the new performance requirements can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, so the onus is on architects and specifiers to ensure they work with the materials and systems that deliver the best performance according to the revised NCC.

The technical team at Kingspan Insulated Panels has reviewed these requirements in detail and has confirmed that the Kingspan Insulated Panels systems fully comply with key aspects of the NCC. These include:


Aged lambda

Aged lambda measures the thermal performance delivered by a product at the end of its life. Kingspan Insulated Panels offers a 25-year structural and thermal warranty and its panels still perform to the same levels at the end of their life as they did the day they were installed. 

R values

The new NCC requires manufacturers to calculate R values for summer and winter conditions, and the requirements vary according to Australia’s eight different climate zones. Six of these climate zones require R values to be calculated for summer conditions, while the remaining two require R values to be calculated for winter conditions due to the extremes in temperature in these different zones.

Previously, R values were calculated using a mathematical average of the winter and summer values. Each product has a different R value depending on its thickness and thermal performance. Kingspan insulated panel systems are all fully compliant with the R values required by the new NCC.

Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridging occurs when a wall, for example, is interrupted by other materials such as a stud-and track system. Built-up systems have external layers that are attached through fixings. This creates thermal bridge, letting heat travel through the insulation, which reduces energy efficiency. Built-up solutions can end up with an R value that is less than half of the product’s declared R value due to thermal bridging, compromising their ability to comply with the new NCC requirements. 

Because Kingspan Insulated Panels systems are all-in-one, there is no thermal bridging. To achieve the same R values and HVAC/energy performance in a built-up system would require a significantly thicker wall compared with Kingspan insulated panels. This means Kingspan offers the best and simplest solution to meet R value requirements in the new NCC.


AS/NZS 4859.1:2018

The first part of the Australian and New Zealand standards, required by the new NCC, covers the building product’s performance as declared. This includes aged lambda and other claims by the manufacturer.

AS/NZS 4859.2:2018

The second part of the Australian and New Zealand standards covers the material’s performance once it’s installed. This is always project-specific; however, Kingspan Insulated Panels offers, in some instances, up to double the R value required by the code. By contrast, built-up solutions may struggle to meet the minimum R value requirements according to the code.

Our guarantee...

Using Kingspan Insulated Panels improves the efficiency of buildings far beyond the standard. This makes Kingspan the obvious choice for projects looking for best performance, rather than minimum compliance.

To find out more about how Kingspan Insulated Panels can help meet the new, stringent requirements in the NCC, contact us today.