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Understanding AS5113

In March 2018, amendments to the National Construction Code (NCC) in relation to the fire performance of external walls, was implemented. This amendment provides for the Verification Method CV3 which refers to the Australian Standard for testing and classification of external walls (AS5113:2016)

Introducing AS5113

Following recent cladding fire incidents, locally and globally, Standards Australia in conjunction with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) developed a new Australian standard (AS 5113 Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings) that provides a more accurate indication of the fire combustibility of wall claddings and wall assemblies, as it is based on large-scale facades fire testing.

What is AS5113?

Polat Fire with damage to cladding
An Australian façade test for validation fire performance of external wall systems.
  • Developed to provide guidelines on how to verify the performance of external (combustible) wall systems.
  • Makes façade testing use common in Australia - Previously façade testing was not in common use in Australia. Fire engineers were often required to form view of overall external wall fire performance, based on ‘fire hazard’ tests alone, or non-combustibility testing for small parts of external wall systems.
  • Details the fire performance of external walls in terms of wall fire spread and building to building fire spread.
  • Provides an alternative solution pathway for combustible façade materials.
This has no impact on existing prescriptive solutions or alternative solution pathways that are currently part of the BCA.

Why use materials tested to AS5113?

Buildings must be designed and constructed to protect life above all else. Prescribed tests and standards such as AS5113 provide the industry with reassurance that external cladding materials specified for Type A and Type B construction, have passed large-scale fire testing conditions and can be used with confidence.

Kingspan’s position on AS5113

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Kingspan fully supports the objectives of AS5113. The new CV3 Verification Method which references AS5113 has been adopted in the Australian construction industry as a way to justify the use of alternative materials as part of external walls of buildings.
Kingspan conducts extensive, independent, large-scale fire testing to many standards, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to building code compliance and life safety. The testing process includes the entire panel, taking into account the external metal skin as well as the fixings, sealants, and core.

AS5113 compliance can be achieved with a Kingspan single-component Wall Panel System

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