Kingspan Real Fire Case Studies

Testing and certification to regulatory and insurance industry requirements, with particular emphasis on large-scale system testing, is the cornerstone of Kingspan’s strategy to demonstrate the fire safety of our products and systems.

However, we believe that it’s also important to know how our products and systems perform in real fire situations.

Proven Protection against Fire Spread

This comprehensive collection of independently-investigated real fire case studies provides valuable information on major fires in a wide range of building types across the world, as well as proof that Kingspan's insurer-approved PIR core panel systems protect against fire spread. 

Minimal Business Interruption

This real fire case study video explores how Kingspan insurer-approved PIR core panels protected an Audi dealership from fire spread when 6 cars were set alight outside the building. Despite an intense fire load, damage to the insulated panels cladding the building was highly localised and business was able to continue the next day. 
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Not all Insulation is the Same

Insurer-approved Kingspan FIREsafe™ insulated panel systems undergo rigorous testing for fire reaction and fire resistance. Download our latest brochure here.

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