Fire Testing for Compliance and Insurer Approval

Fire Testing and Compliance

All building components and systems should be constructed in ways that meets the requirements of the NCC, meet the intended purpose of the product or system being used, and be installed in an appropriate manner. There are guidelines in the NCC which outline what ‘evidence of suitability’ is acceptable. This includes Codemark certificates, certificates of accreditation, certificates from a certification body, reports from accredited test laboratories, certificates and reports from professional engineers and any other form of documentary evidence.

The following table lists the principal fire tests that are common practice in Australia and referenced through the NCC. They can be applied in a variety of ways to meet the performance provisions of the NCC. This can be done either individually or in combination with other tests / information / calculations in order to demonstrate ‘evidence of suitability’.

Test Description Applicability
AS 1530.1 Non combustibility test Product test. Homogeneous materials
AS 1530.2 Test for flammability of materials Foils, sarkings and membrane materials
AS/NZS 1530.3 Test for fire hazard performance. Provides indices for ignitability, flame propagation, heat and smoke release Products and structures
AS 1530.4 Fire resistance to restrict spread through the element Building construction elements
AS 5637 – AS ISO 9705 or AS/NZS 3837 Assessment of surfaces by a small room test, or oxygen calorimeter Internal wall and ceiling linings
AS5113 - BS8414 / ISO13785 Large scale façade test External wall systems of buildings
Kingspan should be contacted for product specific details in terms of fire performance testing.

Be Informed about the Fire Tests

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Not all Insulation is the Same

Insurer-approved Kingspan FIREsafe™ insulated panel systems undergo rigorous testing for fire reaction and fire resistance. Download our latest brochure here.

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