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Pakenham East Rail Depot

Pakenham East train depot in Victoria, is one of the largest train maintenance facilities in Australia, accommodating Melbourne’s new generation of high-capacity train fleets.

The Project

The Pakenham East train depot is an advanced facility, built to accommodate and maintain the new Melbourne fleet as part of the High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) project. The facility includes maintenance services, a stabling yard for 30 trains, and a driver training simulator. There are 288 structures spanning 118 hectares, 30 times the size of Melbourne’s CBD.

Architecture firm, Jacobs, was briefed to create a cost-effective facility design that could be delivered and installed quickly. To address the speed of delivery challenges, and still meet the design requirements, Jacobs needed a structural product that would insulate and deliver a tight thermal envelope.

With experience in this space, following the development of Wulkuraka train maintenance facility in Queensland, the client was confident in Kingspan Insulated Panel’s ability to provide and deliver high performing envelope solutions.

Hansen Yunchen
AAA Premier Roofing
Roof Products:
Trapezoidal Roof (KS1000 RW) and Day-Lite Trapezoidal Roof Light (KS1000 DLTR)
Wall Products:
Architectural Wall Panels (KS1000 AWP) and Day-Lite Architectural Wall Light (KS1000 DLAWP)
Key to the design was the K1000RW roof panel system. The main walls of the Pakenham East facility feature KS1000AWP architectural wall panels integrated with KS1000DLAWP wall lights to bring more natural light into the main building. These panels present a superior system compared to conventional multi-part site assembled systems. They are quicker to install, require less manual labour and are designed to meet thermal building regulation compliance.

Kingspan’s technical team met with Jacobs and the builders, Hansen Yunchen, multiple times to discuss the location and spanning centres of both the roof purlin and wall sheeting rails. Kingspan also provided guidance on the cladding abutment details such as base supports, expansion joints and a solution for retrofitting a future mechanical plant.
Kingspan Insulated Panels also provided a solution for the train wash-down buildings, using Aquasafe liner on the internal side of the roof and wall panels. This Aquasafe liner stands up against harsh chemicals used to clean the trains.
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