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JB Metro Distribution

When Australia’s largest independent confectionary, snack food, grocery and beverage distribution business decided to invest in a brand-new warehouse in Sydney’s Moorebank, it wanted to build with the latest materials and building technology available in the market

The Project

The fully equipped, 9,500 square metre facility is equipped with state-of-the-art computer control systems, and enough room to accommodate more than 20 trucks and vans. This project was the first in Australia to use Kingspan’s new high-performing insulated metal roof system, K-Clad.

Moorebank NSW
Roof System:
KS1000 KC K-Klad
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KS1000 KC

Ideal for large-scale logistics and distribution buildings and temperature-sensitive environments such as cold storage and agricultural facilities, K-Clad can deal with the harsh Australian climate.
A viable alternative to the traditional construction methods of non-Section J buildings, K-Clad is a high-performing insulated metal roof system, with proven results that demonstrate it outperforms traditional construction methods in terms of build speed, thermal performance, air tightness, weather tightness and condensation control. All of this is delivered in a single component that provides a finished metal internal ceiling.
Thermal modelling has shown that, when compared to a traditional built-up roof, K-Clad can reduce heat gain by 40 per cent with a temperature decrease of more than 4.5°C between two tested roof systems.

Air leakage is one of the biggest causes of heat loss or gain in buildings. K-Clad features high-precision joints that ensure the building is airtight and the temperature isn’t affected by outdoor conditions.
2021_KIP_JB Metro_KClad_AU (8)