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Kingspan K-Clad

KS1000 KC K-Clad Roof

Kingspan K-Clad is a viable alternative to the traditional construction methods of non-Section J buildings, out performing built-up systems in areas such as thermal comfort, temperature and heat gain control, condensation control, spanning capability, build speed and durability, while providing a metal finished internal ceiling.
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KS1000 KC

Profile: Trapezoidal
Fixing Detail: Through- fix
Metal type: Steel
Application: Pitched roof of 3 degrees or more after deflection 
Lengths: From 2m to 13.7m
Cover Width: 1000mm
Weather Protection: KS1000 KC now come with Factory Applied Weather Seal (FAWS). This provides a continuous weathertight seal for roof  panels
Product Compatibility: Integrates with Kingspan Insulated Gutters and Kingspan Safety solutions 

Kingspan K-Clad KS1000 KC Commercial & Industrial Product Guide

The K-Clad Advantage

  • Greater Thermal Comfort - The Kingspan K-Clad system avoids the effects of insulation compression and thermal bridging thus providing a higher R-value.
  • Reduced Heat Gain - The Kingspan K-Clad system can reduce up to 40% of
    the conduction heat gain through the roof with its higher thermal performance when compared to a traditional metal roof system.
  • Speed of Build - Insulated metal-faced panels as a single component system increase the speed of build, and minimise delays and the need for multiple trades.
  • Robust and Durable - The superior joints on our systems ensure that they remain both air and weathertight over the life of the building. 
  • Lower Steelwork Costs 
  • Finished Internal Ceiling

Technical Information

Dimensions, Weight & Thermal Performance
Design Flexibility

Dimensions, Weight & Thermal Performance

Core Thickness (mm)

Overall Thickness (mm)

R-Value (m2K/W)

U-Value (w/m2K)

Weight (kg/m2) 0.5 steel / 0.4 steel
*The R-values / U-values have been calculated using the method required by the appropriate National Building Regulations.


Kingspan FIREsafe® Insurer-Certified insulated panel systems can achieve high levels of reaction to fire performance in tests specified for regulatory purposes, large scale fire safety tests developed by the insurance industry and large scale tests developed by other organisations including ISO, British Standards Institute (BSI) and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).

Design Flexibility

Kingspan's commercial and industrial wall and roof systems offer designers a comprehensive range of building solutions for vertical and horizontal wall applications.

Available in multiple profiles, finishes, colour options, and cover widths, insulated panels provide customised building design and creative freedom. The panels are easily integrated with traditional construction methods and building systems.

Guaranteed Airtightness, Weathertightness and Condensation Control

One of the biggest sources of building heat loss or heat gain is due to air leakage i.e. ‘leaky buildings’. The superior joints on our systems ensure that they remain both air and weathertight over the life of the building.
Our factory pre-engineered systems incorporate high precision joints, which create unsurpassed airtight buildings.

We guarantee:

  • Insulation continuity with no gaps or missing insulation;
  • Exceptional R-value compliance and reliability;
  • Low CO2 emissions;
  • 3m3/hr/m2 airtightness certainty at 50Pa when installed to our standard details.

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System Accessories & Services

For 50 years, Kingspan insulated panel technology has led the industry in thermal-efficiency, fire safety and lifetime durability.

Today, Kingspan also offers enormous aesthetic flexibility with a vast range of insulated panel profiles supported by state-of-the-art specialist fabrications. Together with advanced daylighting, this enables Kingspan to deliver the complete envelope solution.