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Not all insulated panels are the same


Major fires in landmark buildings have far-reaching consequences. Beyond the terrible risk to life and obvious cost implications, a major fire can irreparably damage the reputation of the architect, owner and occupier of a building.

That is why it is so important to specify the right products whatever the building type, insisting on certified fire safety without compromising on performance, speed of build and availability; and avoiding the costly risks associated with inferior product substitution.

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Recent high-profile fires have reinforced the importance of choosing the right cladding system for your building.

This page explains the extensive fire testing certification available for our standard ECOsafe PIR. In addition it contains independent fire investigation reports to show how Kingspan panel systems perform in real fire situations. 

Unrivalled Testing and Approvals

Kingspan insualted panels manufactured in Australia have passed or achieved the following tests results:
  • Group 2 rating to ISO 9705 (Note: that the panels achieve a Group 1s to 2s rating in New Zealand when tested to ISO 13784- the specific ISO test for sandwich panels)

  • FM Global FMRC 4880 Approved Unlimited Height and FM Global 4881 Approved Class 1 Exterior Wall Systems Certifications

  • AS/NZ 1530.3, smoke developed index of 2 and all other indices 0

  • BS 476 Parts 20 and 22 provide fire ratings of 30 minutes to 120 minutes

Kingspan insulated panels manufactured outside Australia achieve a nimber of additional fire tests and certifications including BS8414-1, NFPA 285 and SP 105

Fire Facades Brochure

Guidance on Fire Engineered System and Australia Building Code Compliance

Comply with the BCA

Kingspan FIREsafe PIR core insulated panel systems can chieve full BCA compliance on building facades when installed according to an appropriate specification as either deemed to satisfy or as a performance solution

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